All-in-one EP Solution made in Germany

Fully computerized system

The physiological data of the heart can be measured and recorded in the electrophysiological laboratory. The physician and his medical staff can also perform stimulation and ablation of the heart during the examination.

Consists of several modules

The system includes an amplifier with integrated stimulator, an ablation generator, a cooling jet pump for ablation, a powerful computer with navigation software and a high-resolution monitor.

 All results are stored in a database

Data can be called up at any time. Individual measurement signals of an examination can be found very quickly with the help of the LOG book.

Powerful computer and user-friendly software

They take care of further signal processing, control interfaces and connect further devices that are relevant for electrophysiological examination. 

Device integrated stimulator

The amplifier is available in two versions: 44 or 108 catheters can be connected. Filters on the amplifier ensure the best signal quality. Also individual signals can be highlighted on the computer with additional filters. 

3D navigation system

The signals are displayed three-dimensionally and without interference on the high-resolution monitor with the help of an electro-anatomical mapping and navigation system.

Direct connection

The EPPerfect ablation generator can be connected directly to the amplifier and the the EPPerfect cPump cooling jet pump.

You are interested in our compact solution and would like to learn more?

Always know the exact location of the catheter during ablation



Designed by experts from practice for less cable tangle and space requirements

Use the catheter of your choice cost-effectively and without restrictions


3D synchronized and continuous storage of IC signals




EPMap-System has more than 20 years experience in electrophysiology of the heart and we are specialist for innovative solutions in clinical Cardiology. With EPPerfect® we provide the worldwide first integrated Recording and 3D-Mapping & Navigation System of the heart. 

"Our constant aim is to make the daily work of the attending physician and medical staff easier, so that the treatment and thus the health of the patient is always in the foreground", says CEO Manfred Piechura. 



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